CompX, a chain of computer stores, is changing how you enjoy gaming. They know the gaming industry inside out and have their own community. What's unique? CompX accepts cryptocurrency with the solution provided by Whitepay!

You can easily buy computer parts with crypto or get a ready-made gaming setup using digital money. With the solution by Whitepay, you can select from over 140 cryptocurrencies. Moreover, buying computers with crypto is swift – the purchasing process takes up to five minutes.

Choose Whitepay at the checkout, pick your preferred digital currency, and scan a QR code to complete the transaction. Here's the bonus: when you use Whitepay through your WhiteBIT account, there are no network fees. That means you save money while getting your gaming gear.

Are you excited to level up your gaming experience? Go to the CompX website now and use cryptocurrency to get what you need!

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We are GameShop, a store of game consoles and accessories for them. Our story began back in 2007. We also have an assortment of products from Apple, Sony, Dyson, JBL, ASUS, VALVE, LEGO, Ecoflow.

Valrom PC

Valrom PC is an online store of PC components. Buy and build the computer of your dreams with our help. We stand for stylish, modern and powerful computers! We have everything for PC and even more 😉

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