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Tehno Yizhak accepts cryptocurrency with the solution by Whitepay! It is a store that sells different gadgets and accessories. Since 2011, they have grown from a single location in Kharkiv to 100+ locations, an online store ti.ua, a wholesale company, and their accessories for Apple products. Tehno Yizhak has a wide variety of products from well-known brands. They also provide an official warranty and source their goods directly from manufacturers, so the prices are very reasonable. And they accept cryptocurrency as a payment method!

The store works with Whitepay, so customers can choose from more than 140 digital assets to pay with. To opt for crypto, they have to add all the needed items to the cart and pick this payment method during the checkout. The Whitepay page is quite simple: clients need to choose the crypto they want to use and its network. The total amount will be automatically converted into the selected cryptocurrency. Please note that there are no network fees for transactions made through WhiteBIT accounts.

Buy electronics with crypto thanks to Tehno Yizhak and Whitepay!

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