Ways to help Ukraine. Donate with us

Our team organized fundraising for the army of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, affected civilians and other organizations.

Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Collected amount: 29 700 000 UAH

Support the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Collected amount: 165 000 UAH

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Collected amount: 4 125 000 UAH

United by the idea 🇺🇦

The United24 fundraising platform aims to increase donations to Ukraine

Fundraising platform United24

Funds go to the official accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine. All donations will be effectively distributed among vital areas to help Ukraine.

Stand with Ukraine

Thanks to your donations, we have already helped hundreds of civilians and military in Ukraine. The inhabitants of many cities and our defenders greatly need medicines, food, clothing, gasoline, and equipment. Thank you for your active participation – only be over by joint efforts, this war may be over, and a peaceful sky is everything we dream of!

💙 Glory to Ukraine! 💛

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