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The benefits of accepting crypto for your business include hidden fees prevention, market expansion, quick and secure transactions, as well as development of your brand.

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WP Software

Our flexible software allows you to quickly and efficiently sell or buy cryptocurrency anywhere in the world.


We deliver a wide range of opportunities: a dashboard, a detailed transaction history, convenient deposit and withdrawal of funds, specific commission settings, flexible financial reports, and complex check settings. Set up and manage your merchants and POS devices in your network.



Our devices have such options: accepting and exchanging cryptocurrencies, accepting fiat payments with the NFC module, and detailed balance and transaction history. We also provide multi-level personal protection connecting your merchant.



Create a unified network of your exchange points, which you can manage remotely and see all transactions in real time with the highest security level.



User-friendly interface, graphic elements and metrics that help you to track your POS devices, balance, rates and transactions.

Reports and receipts

Detailed financial reports, billing and receipts with main info about each transaction.

Rates and fees

You can easily choose a currency pair and set up different types of commissions for each of your POS devices or all at once.


Everything you need in one fast crypto payments in your store, no hidden fees, high autonomy, multi-layered security, and printing a check with all the transaction details!

POS Device
POS Device main
POS Device balance
POS Device history
POS Device receipt
POS Device cashless


On the main page, you can view key information, including your balance and exchange rate.


In the "Balance" block you can see the deposit and withdrawal functions, your personal and the POS balance.


You can easily choose a currency pair and set up different types of commissions for each of your.

Key Features of a POS Devices

IPS, 1440x720 px
224x84x17 mm
Thermal paper
Operation system
58 mm
Android 7.1
Scheme front
Scheme back
Scheme paper

How to become a WP partner?

Become a Whitepay partner in just a few clicks - start your business right now.
Step 1
Make sure we work in your region. We are currently working in Ukraine, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.
Step 2
Contact us at partnerships@whitepay.com and apply for a partnership. We will consider it as soon as possible, and contact you for more information.
Step 3
That’s it! After successful completion of all procedures, you can connect merchants and launch your business today.

Supported currencies

Withdraw funds in a currency of your choice! Now Whitepay platform supports such crypto as Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and five fiat currencies. All transactions are backed in USDT, and all rates are updated automatically.

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We can help you to accept cryptocurrency payments easily and quickly.

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