How accept crypto donations

WhitepayPosted 22.09.2022 • 3 mins read
How accept crypto donations

While many online and offline stores accept bitcoin payments for goods and services, charitable funds are not far behind. Being able to make donations quickly, easily and anonymously from anywhere in the world and avoid high fees is a unique feature of Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency. As it is known, digital currencies  make donations more efficient, transparent and accessible.

Сharitable donations in crypto are increasignly obtaining popularity worldwide. That’s why most of the funds, nonprofit charitable organizations, already accept cryptocurrency givings. Let’s discuss the main reasons and the key points of cryptocurrency donations.

Why donate with crypto

Numerous charitable foundations, for example, Red Cross, Ukrainian governmental platform Unted24, UNICEF, accept givings in digital currencies. There are some significant reasons of accepting crypto donations:

  1. Cryptocurrency is secure and private. As it’s known, the crypto transactions are encrypted and authenticated. No one has access to your cryptocurrency wallet. In addition, donors can remain anonymous if they wish. Many of them do not want to divulge their personal details, right down to their first and last names.

  2. Crypto givings are fast and easy. These transactions go through very quickly. In general, on the same day.

  3. Cryptocurrency donations are transparent. As long as the funds are not converted into fiat currencies, the flow of money can be monitored, and this pontificantly reduces corruption.

  4. Donating cryptocurrency Is tax efficient. Donating cryptocurrency is tax deductible. It helps donors to reduce their tax obligations and increase efficiency of charitable organizations.

As you can see, accepting cryptocurrency donations has many advantages for both charities and the donors themselves. 

How to donate with crypto

There are legal and secure ways for such organizations to accept crypto. Some companies, such as Whitepay, provide functionality that allows for quick acceptance and processing of cryptocurrency donations.

Thanks to such companies, charities launch cryptocurrency acquiring and can quickly accept cryptocurrency donations from around the world directly on their website. Moreover donors can donate in bitcoin, tether and other cryptocurrency in just one click. 

How to donate crypto to Ukraine

Today, many organizations are helping to collect donations to help the Ukrainian Army, the affected citizens, and for humanitarian and medical aid. Donations are received from all over the world, so it was necessary to find an effective and reliable way to receive donations. Cryptocurrency became that way. As we said, it is reliable, secure, fast and efficient.

Accepting cryptocurrency donations unlocks additional ways to raise funds for any charitable fund or individual. So, Whitepay company created a solution for any charitable foundation to help it in accepting and processing givings in crypto. 

Whitepay provides a ready-made solution for philanthropic foundations so they can easily and quickly receive crypto donations on their website. Moreover, from the beginning of the war, Whitepay team launched a donation campaign in crypto, and transfers all money to the Ukrainian Army, the Ukraine Ministry of Health and raises donations for humanitarian aid. 

One of the biggest collaborations is the cooperation with the Volodymyr Zelensky Foundation United24. So, Whitepay  provides fast acceptance of cryptocurrency payments. Donors can make donations with one click. All funds are directed to special accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine and distributed to defense and demining, humanitarian, medical assistance, and reconstruction of Ukraine.

You can find out more information via social media and the website. Don’t forget to donate. Only by joint efforts this war may be over, and a peaceful sky is everything we dreamed of!