The most significant crypto donation: over 1 million USDT to help Ukraine

WhitepayPosted 16.09.2022 • 3 mins read
The most significant crypto donation: over 1 million USDT to help Ukraine

The most significant crypto donation: over 1 million USDT to help Ukraine

For charitable organizations and individuals, cryptocurrency – such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins – may provide an excellent opportunity to achieve the maximum impact from philanthropic donations. That's why many charitable organizations nowadays accept digital currencies. And Ukraine isn't an exception.

Whitepay donation platform

From the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, we created a fund to raise money for the Ukrainian Army, affected civilians, medical and humanitarian aid.

On the Whitepay platform, you can donate money for:

·       Ukrainian Army: While Ukraine's army has successfully pushed back russian forces, you can support Ukrainian soldiers financially and donate money to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

·       Ukraine Ministry of Health: a large number of Ukrainian military and civilians have suffered from military aggression, so they need medical assistance;

·       Humanitarian aid: many civilians in Ukraine have lost their homes and require food, gasoline, and other essentials.

We receive crypto donations daily, so our team is very grateful to those who help us and Ukraine and the people in these difficult and dark times.

What are the benefits of cryptocurrency donations?

Accepting cryptocurrency donations can unlock additional ways to raise funds for any charitable fund or individual. We've identified the most common reason why different organizations benefit from fundraising crypto:

1.    Cryptocurrency donations are highly secure and safe. 

2.    Crypto giving can be accepted from anywhere in the world.

3.    Donate before selling crypto, as donors can transfer any crypto directly to a fund rather than selling crypto and donating with cash. 

4.    Donors can stay anonymous if they want to.

5.    Cryptocurrency donations are quick and easy. 

6.    Attracting crypto-friendly users who actively use crypto in their daily lives, and want to donate in digital currencies. 

As you can see, there are many options for why crypto giving is gaining popularity worldwide. Thus, we provide a ready-made solution for philanthropic foundations so they can easily and quickly receive crypto donations on their website.

An enormous donation: over 1 000 000 USDT to support Ukraine

Nowadays, our team cooperates with the Volodymyr Zelensky Foundation called United24. We provide fast acceptance of cryptocurrency payments. 

Donors can make donations with one click. All funds are directed to special accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine and distributed to defense and demining, humanitarian, medical assistance, and reconstruction of Ukraine.

So, one of the donations touched our hearts: 1.3 million USDT was donated through the United24 platform! Where the money goes:

·       800 000 USDT to support the Ukrainian Army

·       500 000 USDT for humanitarian aid

Every donation is a significant contribution to our victory and future. We thank everyone who supports the Ukrainian Army and the people.

You can donate by the link.

Everything is and will be Ukraine!