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Create a unified network of POS terminals and exchange points for your business, or accept cryptocurrency payments quickly and securely.

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Benefits of cryptoprocessing

No borders

You will be able to accept cryptocurrency payments from anywhere in the world

No hidden fees

Forget about charges and mediators! Your customers will pay with crypto for their daily purchases

No risk

Personal data, as well as funds, are securely protected by multi-level protection and a one-time QR code

What we provide

Set up and manage your merchants and POS devices in your network. We deliver a wide range of opportunities:

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product.advantage.track Track orders and payments
product.advantage.charts Streamline accounts reconciliation
product.advantage.facilitate Facilitate customers refunds
product.advantage.dashboard Dashboard
product.advantage.details Detailed transaction history
product.advantage.commission Specific commission settings
product.advantage.reports Flexible financial reports
product.advantage.money Convenient deposit and withdrawal of funds
product.advantage.settings Complex check settings

POS device

Whitepay provides solutions for accepting and exchanging cryptocurrencies in offline points. You can manage POS terminals remotely and receive transaction data through our platform.

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Whitepay POS
Whitepay POS

Accept 140+ 😱 cryptocurrencies for payment

Accept and withdraw funds in the currency you prefer. Currently, Whitepay supports more than 140 cryptocurrencies, and this list is constantly expanding.

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Common questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions. If you did not find the answer, write to support@whitepay.com and we will help you!

Unlock the power of crypto payments

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