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Buongiorno UA

Buongiorno accepts cryptocurrency with the solution by Whitepay! It is a charitable foundation that finds thermal imagers, body armor, medicines, cars, and much more for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The organization has monthly goals and receives daily requests from the frontline. They aim to fulfill all the requests of the military and medics. Buongiorno has bought over 12K units of military ammunition and field medicine, 3K+ of military devices, 26 cars, etc. Now, you can support the organization and the Armed Forces of Ukraine with cryptocurrency!

Thanks to the solution by Whitepay, the foundation has started to accept donations in more than 140 digital assets. You can effortlessly choose a preferred digital currency and its network.

If you want to support Ukraine and its Armed Forces with crypto, then the solution by Whitepay is perfect for you. Enjoy the user-friendly interface, safety, and quickness when doing a good deed!