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Superhumans Center

The Superhumans Center now accepts crypto donations, with the solution provided by Whitepay.

This is a modern Ukrainian facility specializing in prosthetics, reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation, and psychological support for individuals, including both adults and children affected by war. Remarkably, Superhumans provides all these services entirely free of charge. The center boasts its laboratory for prosthesis manufacturing. Notable ambassadors for Superhumans include Bear Grylls, Sting, and Trudie Styler. The center attends to approximately 3,000 patients annually, offering a comprehensive range of services, from psychologists of the first contact to prosthetics, with subsequent monitoring of the patient's psychological well-being.

Thanks to the solution by Whitepay, anyone can now contribute in more than 140 digital assets. To donate, visit the donations page and click “Donate to Superhumans with cryptocurrency.” From there, choose a wallet, select the desired asset, network, and specify the donation amount. The entire donation process is straightforward and typically takes only a few minutes. Notably, transactions made from a WhiteBIT account are exempt from network fees.

Stand with Ukrainians by supporting the Superhumans Center through donations facilitated by Whitepay.