"Informatyka" Coffee Shop
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"Informatyka" Coffee Shop

Located in Podil, Kyiv, Informatyka is not just an ordinary coffee shop; it's an open space that offers a unique atmosphere for creativity and community engagement. Beyond serving exceptional coffee, the venue provides a setting for various activities, including organizing events, exhibitions and more.

The Informatyka team aims to nurture the growth of the creative community by establishing an inclusive environment in the heart of Ukraine. Furthermore, Informatyka accepts crypto payments with the solution by Whitepay. You have the option to choose from USDT, ETH, BTC, LTC, or more than 140 other digital currencies.

The process is quite simple. Convey that you want to pay with the solution by Whitepay at the checkout. Then, you will be able to pick a suitable digital wallet and currency. It’s worth noting that transactions via the WhiteBIT account do not incur network fees.

Explore the blend of beverages, culture, and crypto at Informatyka – your go-to place for more than just a cup of coffee.

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