The KOLO Charitable Foundation is now accepting cryptocurrencies with the solution provided by Whitepay.

For over eight years, the foundation has been engaged in extensive medical, educational, and cultural projects. However, in response to the full-scale war, the KOLO team has shifted its entire focus to aiding those affected by Russian aggression. The Foundation has established Coordination Centers throughout Ukraine and Poland, along with operating warehouses for the distribution of humanitarian aid.

With the solution by Whitepay, you can contribute to KOLO efforts by making a donation in one of more than 140 digital assets. To do so, please visit the foundation's website and select the option to donate in cryptocurrency. The process is straightforward: choose a wallet, the desired asset, the network, and the amount of the donation. It's worth noting that the network does not impose network fees for transactions made from a WhiteBIT account.

Support a good cause with cryptocurrency! Visit the KOLO website and use the solution by Whitepay to make a donation.

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