Luzha accepts cryptocurrency with the solution by Whitepay! It is a Chinese tea shop based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Luzha combines street style and a fresh view with a Chinese cultural base and top-quality farmer's tea. The shop continuously researches the best tea varieties in China and is always ready to help clients with their choices. The store was created by tea enthusiasts who wanted to share their best finds. Now, people can shop at Luzha using cryptocurrency.

The payments in digital assets are possible thanks to the store's cooperation with Whitepay. Customers can choose from more than 140 cryptocurrencies. The user-friendly interface of Whitepay allows clients to quickly select the currency and its network. The price is automatically converted to digital assets. Also, there are no network fees for transactions made through WhiteBIT accounts. To use crypto for your purchase, simply select this option at the checkout.

You can now pay for your favorite goods and services in digital assets with the solution by Whitepay!

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