Module of Temporality
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Module of Temporality

Module of Temporality accepts crypto payments with the solution by Whitepay.

Module of Temporality (MOT) is a temporary cultural space in Kyiv by don’t Take Fake. With over 100 contributors, MOT aims to capture life's fluidity through art, embracing uncertainty while fostering the spirit to live, create, and persevere. The central event of MOT is a contemporary art exhibition. Twenty-seven artists from ten countries showcase their works across two floors, housed in a structure made of 27 container modules. From established to emerging talents, the exhibition features paintings, sculptures, installations, and audiovisual pieces.

Now, you can pay with crypto to buy tickets to visit MOT.

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Here's how simple it is to purchase tickets with crypto via the solution by Whitepay:

  • Choose Whitepay at the checkout.
  • Select your preferred cryptocurrency.
  • Scan the QR code and complete the transaction.

Explore the world of contemporary art with MOT and Whitepay.

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