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Dentistry N+

Dentistry N+ in Dnipro accepts cryptocurrency with the solution provided by Whitepay.

Dentistry N+ has been operating since 2011 and offers a comprehensive range of dental treatment and prevention services. A team of experienced dentists uses the most modern equipment to provide customers with high-quality service. Moreover, Dentistry N+ is one of the first clinics in Ukraine that accepts cryptocurrency.

Transactions using digital assets are possible thanks to the clinic's partnership with Whitepay. Over 140 cryptocurrencies are available for dental clients. Whitepay's user-friendly interface enables quick selection of an asset and a network, with the price automatically converted to the chosen cryptocurrency. Additionally, no network fees are charged for transactions made from WhiteBIT exchange accounts.

Ease your payment for services at the Dentistry N+ clinic by using digital assets with the solution by Whitepay!

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