PoolProekt accepts cryptocurrency with the solution by Whitepay!

It is an online store of ready-made pool drawings. They offer turnkey standard drawings and individual projects that fit customers’ requirements. There are more than 200 drawings at a fair price, from small private pools to large public pools. Users can select the preferred shape in the catalog, pay for it, and download it right away. Those who want to get an individual pool design can get in touch with PoolProekt’s engineers and receive a personalized drawing. And the customers can pay for it in crypto!

Thanks to its partnership with Whitepay, PoolProekt is able to accept payments in more than 140 digital assets. After selecting the preferred option, clients can pay for it in crypto. They will be redirected to the Whitepay page, where they can pick the digital wallet, digital currency, and its network. The amount to pay is converted into the selected currency automatically. The whole process is very simple and user-friendly and usually takes no more than a few minutes. Pick a drawing and pay with crypto!

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