Accept crypto using a PoS terminal

WhitepayPosted 05.10.2022 • 3 mins read
Accept crypto using a PoS terminal

Companies that accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency do it in many ways. The most popular and convenient way for them to accept crypto payments are through PoS terminals. Exactly crypto PoS systems enable customers to pay with any digital currency in a few minutes. Let’s take a look at this method. 

What’s a Point-of-Sale (PoS)

PoS systems allow merchants to calculate the amount a client needs to pay and issue an invoice. In a few words, this is a moment when customers pay for goods or services in an offline store — a PoS terminal processes and records transactions. 

Thus, the cryptocurrency PoS system allows customers to make payments with cryptocurrency. Such a system gives many benefits, such as quick transactions, simple invoicing and managing operations.

Why should offline stores accept crypto?

Nowadays, crypto payments are gaining popularity worldwide. Offline and online stores try to implement crypto payments and give customers the most modern and secure payment way. 

If we’re talking about online stores, accepting crypto payments can be done through a payment page. For example, Whitepay provides a ready-made solution for any online business and helps to accept cryptocurrency payments on its website.

Offline stores can accept crypto payments through the bitcoin terminal. Some people think crypto payments aren’t suitable for small offline businesses, such as cafes or retail outlets. 

However, it’s not true: any store can accept bitcoin payments and attract new crypto-friendly customers. It became possible thanks to the crypto PoS system. So, what are the advantages of accepting cryptocurrency payments in offline stores:

  • Improve customer experience and attract a new audience;

  • Quick and secure transactions;

  • Avoid chargebacks and bank fees; 

  • 100+ currencies and autoconversion;

  • Fiat conversion; 

  • Take your business globally. 

How to use a crypto PoS system? Whitepay method

As it is known, a modern and good company should put high customer service above all else. Offering a wide range of payment options is one of the critical elements of a high level of service. Companies that have already understood this and are trying to keep up with the times introduce new payment methods and are not limited to cards or cash. One such method is cryptocurrency payments. 

Thus, installing a PoS terminal for accepting cryptocurrencies is an appropriate solution when emphasizing expanding the list of payment methods. Thanks to such devices, customers can pay for purchases in cryptocurrency.

Whitepay offers a ready-made payment solution both for online and offline stores. So, offline stores can use Whitepay PoS terminal to accept cryptocurrency payments. How does it work:

  1. On the PoS terminal, the customer selects the cryptocurrency and network for payment. 

  2. The purchase amount will appear on the screen.

  3. The customer confirms the creation of the transaction.

  4. A QR code appears on the screen, which the customer scans and sends funds in cryptocurrency to the specified crypto wallet. 

  5. After a successful transaction, the client receives a receipt and his goods. 

That’s it! Whitepay already cooperates with many online and offline stores that actively accept cryptocurrency payments. In addition, the Whitepay team works together with Vladimir Zelensky's United24 platform, which raises donations to support the Ukrainian Army, affected citizens, as well as for humanitarian and medical aid.

PoS crypto system

Companies that want to stay competitive and to be on the top should implement the latest technologies and methods, even payment methods. Cryptocurrency is a new trend, however many people avoid it. Whitepay offers a ready-made solution for any type of business - start accepting cryptocurrency payments right now!