Crypto acquiring

Boost your business with the benefits of accepting cryptocurrencies - reach a new audience of more than 450 million crypto owners worldwide, increase your revenue, and cut your transaction fees never touching crypto.

Crypto acquiring

Our products

POS terminal

Streamline crypto payments with Whitepay POS terminals at brick-and-mortar stores.

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Crypto donation page

Experience the user-friendly donation page, with all the essential tools and a vast array of cryptocurrencies for contributions.

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Crypto jar

You can track progress at your convenience, and your customers can make fast and secure donations.

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Benefits of crypto payments

Reach more than 450 million crypto-owners worldwide
Access 120+ countries
Pay less than 50% of your usual bank acquiring fees
Get fast and secure settlements with next-day payouts
Use any wallet and accept 140+ cryptocurrencies
No chargeback or volatility risk (locked-in exchange rate)

Crypto acquiring made simple

Receive any of the 140+ cryptocurrencies available on the Whitepay platform for your goods or services.

Choose a payment method
  • Choose a payment method
  • Select the currency
  • Make a payment
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