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Accepting crypto donations unlocks additional ways to collect more funds for charitable funds. Whitepay allows you to receive and process crypto donations quickly and safely.

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Simple in use

Our customers get a page for easy acceptance of crypto donations in a few clicks

Quickly and safely

Our platform provides fast transaction processing and a high level of funds security

More than 140 cryptocurrencies

Our customers can accept donations in a variety of currencies. More than 140 cryptocurrencies are available now

What we provide

Whitepay provides a solution for receiving crypto donations. Our customers will get a page through which they can collect donations in different currencies.

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Accept 140+ 😱 cryptocurrencies for payment

Accept and withdraw funds in the currency you prefer. Currently, Whitepay supports more than 140 cryptocurrencies, and this list is constantly expanding.

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We can help you quickly and easily accept cryptocurrency payments on your website.

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