How to accept cryptocurrency payments on WordPress

WhitepayPosted 07.02.2023 • 7 mins read
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How to accept cryptocurrency payments on WordPress

Step-by-step guide on how to accept cryptocurrency payments on WordPress using the Whitepay plugin for WooCommerce.

In the world of online business, staying ahead of the curve is essential. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, it's more important than ever for online merchants to offer customers the option to pay with digital money. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of accepting cryptocurrency on your WooComerce website, from setting up a Whitepay account and crypto payment plugin for WordPress to integrating payment options. Join the future of payments and start accepting cryptocurrency with Whitepay!

How do I accept crypto payments on my website?

It is effortless to implement the acceptance of cryptocurrencies on the website today using a plugin for payment solution on WordPress. Here's what you need to do to get started:

Choose a crypto processing service. Choosing a software provider is the most important step when it comes to money. For our part, we offer a high-quality service for accepting digital assets on your website using a WordPress cryptocurrency payment plugin. To get started, all you need to do is leave your contact details on the Whitepay website. We will contact you immediately to help you choose the best crypto solution for your business needs.

  • Integrate a crypto processor. Whitepay Team will guide business owners through all stages of software integration. In addition to the cryptocurrency WordPress plugin for WooCommerce, we offer the use of the Crypto Payment Solution API.
  • Choose a cryptocurrency. After integrating the crypto payment plugin for WordPress, you need to decide which cryptocurrency will be available to pay for goods and services. Today's most popular digital assets are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USD Coin, and XRP. However, you don't have to limit yourself to these — Whitepay allows you to accept multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time. WordPress accepts crypto depending on Whitepay dashboard settings.
  • Setting up the dashboard. The Whitepay dashboard has a user-friendly interface with metrics that help you track connected POS terminals, balances, rates, and transactions. The product section shows what the dashboard will look like.
  • Start accepting crypto payments on your WooCommerce website. Once set up, customers can choose digital assets to pay for goods. These are stored in the shop's secure cryptocurrency wallet.

Let's learn more about the WordPress cryptocurrency payment plugin by Whitepay.

WordPress cryptocurrency payment plugin

Whitepay for WooCommerce is a crypto payment processing solution that can be used by online stores with the WooCommerce plugin installed. It offers features such as fraud prevention, the ability to create custom payment forms, and payment tracking. Whitepay for WooCommerce is designed to work seamlessly with the WhitePay cryptocurrency payment solution, a secure WordPress method to accept crypto payments.

Integrate the ready-to-use Whitepay plugin into your WordPress website and enable your customers to pay with cryptocurrency
Accept crypto

Once installed, the crypto payment plugin for WordPress by Whitepay integrates with your WooCommerce store, allowing customers to make purchases and complete transactions directly on your website. This eliminates the need to redirect customers to an external payment page, ensuring a seamless and secure checkout process.

To accept cryptocurrency payments with the Whitepay WordPress plugin, you need to have the:

How to install the cryptocurrency WordPress plugin for WooCommerce

1eng_1920x900.pngTo start accepting crypto payments on WooCommerce:

  • Go to the WordPress dashboard.
  • On the plugins page, click “Add New.”
  • Search for the plugin with the keyword "Whitepay for WooCommerce" and click "Install Now."
  • Click “Activate” on the “Whitepay for WooCommerce” plugin from your plugins page.

How to set up the Whitepay plugin for payment solution on WordPress

2eng_1920x1000.pngAfter installing the crypto payment plugin for WordPress, you need to integrate Whitepay for WooCommerce into your website. To do this:

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments page (checkout in older versions of WooCommerce).
  • Open the Whitepay plugin settings page.
  • Log in to your Whitepay account and copy your slug from the account settings page.
  • Paste the slug to the “Slug” field in the Whitepay plugin settings.
  • Create a token on the Whitepay token settings page.
  • Paste the token into the "Token" field in the Whitepay plugin settings.

Now let's set up the webhook, the software code that allows different systems to exchange information. It is what makes it possible to receive data about the change in the status of the order. To set up a webhook:

  • Copy the webhook URL from the "Webhook" field in the Whitepay plugin settings.
  • Paste the webhook URL into the "Webhook address" field on the Whitepay token settings page.
  • Click "Save" and copy the webhook token.
  • Paste the webhook token into the "Webhook Token" field.
  • On the Whitepay account settings page, specify which events you want to transmit in the "Webhook settings" section.
  • Check “Enable” to activate the plugin.

Once you have installed the WordPress cryptocurrency payment plugin by Whitepay, you need to add clear instructions on how to pay with digital assets and provide the necessary customer support. 


How to accept Bitcoin on WordPress?

After successfully installing the crypto payment plugin for WordPress, business owners can immediately start accepting payments in Bitcoin and other available cryptocurrencies.

How to add Bitcoin payment to my website?

You will need a cryptocurrency wallet and a Whitepay account to add Bitcoin payments to your website.

What cryptocurrency does the WordPress cryptocurrency payment plugin accept?

The WordPress cryptocurrency payment plugin by Whitepay allows you to accept more than 200 digital assets, the most popular being Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether.

What version of WordPress do I need to accept crypto?

To successfully install the Whitepay plugin for WooCommerce, you need WordPress version 4.0 or higher.

Where can I go if I have questions about installing the WordPress cryptocurrency payment plugin?

If you have questions about the cryptocurrency WordPress plugin for WooCommerce, you can contact Whitepay support. We will be happy to help you through all the stages of the software installation process.

Benefits of accepting crypto payments on WordPress

Accepting cryptocurrencies on a website can be a great way to open up new business opportunities. Namely:

  • Low transaction fees and no hidden charges. Accepting crypto payments via the WordPress plugin typically has lower transaction fees than traditional payment methods such as credit cards.
  • Save money against inflation. Converting your profits into digital money makes you independent of national currency exchange rate fluctuations.
  • The ability to accept payments worldwide. Acceptance of cryptocurrencies on the website can be realized from anywhere in the world, making it easier for businesses to enter the international market.
  • Increased security. Cryptocurrency payments are protected by blockchain technology, reducing the risk of fraud and hacking.
  • Attract new customers. Accepting crypto payments in WooComerce can attract new customers who prefer digital assets.
  • Protect customers' sensitive data. Cryptocurrency payments offer greater confidentiality than traditional payment methods.
  • Increase brand awareness. Accepting cryptocurrency on your website can increase the credibility of your business by demonstrating your willingness to embrace new technologies.

Accepting cryptocurrency on your WordPress site is a simple and straightforward way to scale your business. With plugins like Whitepay for WooCommerce, businesses can easily integrate digital assets into their website. Don't miss out on the opportunities to take your business to the next level!