How to pay for a Bitcoin invoice

WhitepayPosted 21.10.2022 • 4 mins read
How to pay for a Bitcoin invoice

Nowadays, businesses look towards cryptocurrency payments. Such payment methods suggest plenty of advantages for entrepreneurs as well as their customers. Accepting Bitcoin or any other cryptoccurency helps businessmen to increase profits, gain new customers and avoid the cost of high fees and chargebacks. 

Paying with crypto is usually an easy and intuitive experience, however sometimes help or support is needed. One of the most popular questions is how to pay a Bitcoin invoice. This article will answer the most common questions and guide you through the entire payment process.

Why accept and pay with crypto?

There are many reasons to purchase and accept cryptocurrency payments. A growing list of companies including PayPal, Microsoft or Apple are stepping into cryptocurrency payments and showing the payments market’s growth potential. There are significant reasons of such growth as Bitcoin payments are:

  1. Flexible and fast payment method 

  2. Secure and anonymous 

  3. Able to enter new markets

  4. Increase profits 

  5. Attract new crypto loyal customers 

  6. Provide low comissions 

  7. No chargebacks 

  8. Possibility to pay/accept crypto anywhere

Receiving crypto opens new doors for your business and rapid development. Also, it’s known that the more payment methods you propose to clients, the more pay you’ll receive.

How to accept cryptocurrency payments

Deciding to accept Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency as payment will pay you dividends in the near future. If you want to accept cryptocurrency on your website or set up offline accepting, we have a solution.

Whitepay launched crypto processing and helps any type of business to accept Bitcoin payments. Our team provides a payment page for companies’ websites thus businessmen can easily accept and process cryptocurrency payments. 

Moreover, Whitepay created a POS-terminal for accepting crypto payments in offline stores. Nowadays, some Ukrainian stores, such as Stylus or Techoezh already accept Bitcoin payments thanks to Whitepay products. 

How to pay for a Bitcoin invoice

So, you have set up an ability to pay with crypto on your website or have a POS-terminal that accepts Bitcoin. Your customers decided to make a payment with Bitcoin. This detailed guide will take you through the process of how to pay a bitcoin invoice with Whitepay.

Step 1: Select a cryptocurrency to pay 

Firstly, scroll down the list to select the currency he wants to spend. In this case, it’s Bitcoin.

Step 2: Payment info
Now you can see the final amount to pay and payment details (billing information) and press the Pay button.

Step 3: Bitcoin payment awaiting 

Here is a Payment Awaiting form with all payment details (wallet address, network and memo if it’s necessary) and QR-code. This QR-code also contains billing info. Scan the QR-code or copy info.

Step 4: Pay with Bitcoin 

Go to your cryptocurrency wallet, select Bitcoin and enter all necessary billing information as wallet address and network to pay.

Step 5: Success 

Here is a Payment Complete page that contains all information about order. That’s all! An order is paid. As you can see, there is nothing complicated.