How to Quickly and Securely Pay with Crypto

WhitepayPosted 20.09.2023 • 5 mins read
WhitepayNewsHow to Quickly and Securely Pay with Crypto
How to Quickly and Securely Pay with Crypto

How to pay with cryptocurrency via Whitepay? Paying with cryptocurrency involves several basic steps. This is a guide to help you make a payment using cryptocurrency:

Select the payment method 

EN 2 How to Quickly and Securely Pay with Crypto.pngIf you have funds available in your WhiteBIT account and you wish to pay directly from there, choose the payment method labeled "WhiteBIT." This option offers fast transactions without any network fees. Alternatively, if you prefer to pay using a different cryptocurrency wallet, select the option "Any crypto wallet."

Choose the currency

EN 3 How to Quickly and Securely Pay with Crypto.pngSelect the cryptocurrency you would like to use for the payment. If necessary, you can also specify a preferred network for the transaction. Once you have made your selections, click on the "Pay" button.

Transfer funds

There are two ways to make cryptocurrency donations: through the WhiteBIT app or another cryptocurrency wallet.

Via the WhiteBIT app

You will be provided with a QR code that needs to be scanned by the WhiteBIT app.

EN 4 How to Quickly and Securely Pay with Crypto.pngAfter scanning, you will be taken to the transfer confirmation page. The page will show the invoice amount and the available balance in this currency on your account. Click on the "Confirm" button and the funds will be successfully transferred.

WB pay en.pngFrom any wallet

On the payment page, you will find a wallet address. This address represents the destination where you need to transfer your funds. Copy the wallet address provided. Or scan the QR-code. Open your preferred crypto wallet or exchange account and initiate a transfer of the specified amount to the copied wallet address. 

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Make sure to double-check the accuracy of the wallet address before finalizing the transaction. Once the transfer is completed, the payment process will be finished. Consider the network fee so that the invoice amount is transferred.

EN 6 How to Quickly and Securely Pay with Crypto.pngTo transfer funds, you need to withdraw them from your wallet. Using the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange as an example, this is done as follows:

2.pngGo to the Main balance page, select the needed asset and click Withdraw to submit a withdrawal request.

Group 46946.pngThere is a form for cryptocurrencies. Fill it out by entering the address to which the asset will be withdrawn, then indicate the amount. You’ll see the amount, including the fee, in the “‎I receive” field. Thereafter, click on “Withdrawal request”.


Once the transactions have been successfully completed, the status of your order will be updated to "Сomplete." This status change indicates that your payment has been received and processed, and your order is now considered fulfilled.

EN 9 How to Quickly and Securely Pay with Crypto.pngBy following these instructions, you will be able to donate your chosen cryptocurrency via Whitepay.