How to donate with Whitepay

WhitepayPosted 20.09.2023 • 5 mins read
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How to donate with Whitepay

We have prepared step-by-step instructions on how to make a donation with Whitepay:

Select the payment method

EN 2 .pngIf you have a WhiteBIT account and wish to pay from there, choose the "WhiteBIT" payment method. Payment via WhiteBIT is fast and doesn't incur any network fees. If you prefer to pay from a different wallet, select the “Any wallet” option.

Choose the currency and amount to donate

EN 3 .pngSelect the cryptocurrency and the amount you want to use for the donation. If necessary, you may also choose the network for the transaction. Once you've made your selections, click on the "Next" button.

Provide your email and comment (it’s optional)

EN 4 .pngEnter your email address in the designated field. If you have any additional comments, you can include them in the optional comment field. After filling in the info, click on the "Donate" button.

Transfer funds

There are two ways to make cryptocurrency donations: through the WhiteBIT app or another cryptocurrency wallet.

Via the WhiteBIT app

You will be provided with a QR code that needs to be scanned by the WhiteBIT app.

EN 5 .pngAfter scanning, you will be taken to the transfer confirmation page. The page will show the amount of your desired donation and the available balance in this currency on your account. Click on the "Confirm" button and the funds will be successfully transferred.

WB pay en.pngFrom any wallet

You will be provided with a wallet address where you should send your donation. Сopy the wallet address to your clipboard. Then open your preferred cryptocurrency wallet and initiate a transfer.

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Paste the copied wallet address as the recipient for the donation and specify the amount of cryptocurrency to donate. Complete the transaction to transfer the funds to the provided wallet address. 

To transfer funds, you need to withdraw them from your wallet. Using the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange as an example, this is done as follows:

Go to the Main balance page, select the needed asset and click Withdraw to submit a withdrawal request.

Group 46949.png
There is a form for cryptocurrencies. Fill it out by entering the address to which the asset will be withdrawn, then indicate the amount. You’ll see the amount, including the fee, in the “‎I receive” field. Thereafter, click on “Withdrawal request”.

Group 46946.pngComplete

By following these instructions, you will be able to donate your chosen cryptocurrency via Whitepay.

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