Whitepay is Now Available on Product Hunt

WhitepayPosted 23.08.2023 • 5 mins read
WhitepayNewsWhitepay is Now Available on Product Hunt
Whitepay is Now Available on Product Hunt

At Whitepay, we always strive to connect with our customers in the most efficient ways. That’s why we make sure to work with platforms like Product Hunt, where users can see the real reviews from other customers and make informed decisions on who to work with. 

What is Product Hunt?

It is an American website, where new technology products, games, books, and podcasts are shared. It was created in 2013 and by 2016 it has already led to the discovery of more than 100M products from 50,000 companies. Users of Product Hunt can monitor fresh products and view comments and votes from other people. It helps to form honest opinions about the products. 

What Whitepay’s products are available on Product Hunt? 

From now on, all Whitepay’s products are now assessible on the platform, including POS terminals, payment pages, and crypto acquiring for businesses and charities. We think it’s a great way to reach as many like-minded people as possible. 

We are also offering a bonus for the Product Hunt users. They will get one month of accepting crypto without the merchant fee. 

Find out more about Whitepay on Product Hunt and join the world of crypto payments!

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