Whitepay: The Blockchain Payment Revolution | Ukrainian Fintech Awards

WhitepayPosted 10.04.2023 • 3 mins read
Whitepay: The Blockchain Payment Revolution | Ukrainian Fintech Awards

For Ukrainians, the year of war was a turning point and full of difficult events. But even in such uncertainty, each of us develops, works hard, and reaches new heights. The unbreakable Ukrainian Fintech industry confirmed this and proved once again that even in dark times, bright and brilliant ideas are born.

On 15 March 2023, the Ukrainian Fintech Awards ceremony took place. This is the second annual professional award that recognises the contribution of key companies to the development of the Ukrainian Fintech ecosystem, as well as the small and large victories of the Ukrainian Fintech industry. The project was implemented by the Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovative Companies (UAFIC) with the support of the general partner Visa.

Whitepay is the best blockchain project of 2022

Ukraine's economy has suffered from the war unleashed by Russia. Entrepreneurs suffered huge losses and were forced to quickly adapt to new realities. Despite this, Ukrainian business has not only withstood heroically, but has also reached a new level and overcome all difficulties. 

Our team has also learnt how to live and work in such conditions, how to take care of each other and help others. Our cryptocurrency payment solutions are already used by leading companies such as Stylus, Foxtrot, Cactus, and ONECARD. We also help many charitable organizations and foundations to accept cryptocurrency donations. Donations and payments in digital currency are distinguished by their high speed, security, and convenience. That is why Whitepay's contribution and work have been recognised by Fintech experts.

Whitepay project won the Best blockchain project nomination. For us, this is a very valuable and great recognition from the Fintech association and experts. We thank our partners and customers for their trust. Of course, we thank those who believe and support us. You can find out more about our acquiring platform and POS terminal at this link

More is coming! 

Everything is and will be Ukraine 🇺🇦

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