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Invoicing, accepting and sending cryptocurrency payments is easy. Whitepay is ready to work out of the box.

No borders

Accept cryptocurrency payment around the world

No hidden fees

Forget about charges and mediators! Your customers will pay with crypto easy

No risk

Securely protected by multi-level protection and a one-time QR code

Donate with us

Donations are vital now. Fill out an application to receive crypto donation page for your fund

United by the idea

The United24 fundraising platform aims to increase donations to Ukraine. All donations will be effectively distributed for humanitarian and medical aid, defense, demining, and reconstruction of Ukraine.
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Whitepay foundation

Whitepay organized a cryptocurrency donation platform to support the Ukrainian army, the Ministry of Health and affected citizens. We also help other foundations accept donations in cryptocurrency.
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Our flexible software allows you to quickly and efficiently sell or buy cryptocurrency anywhere in the world.


We provide a huge range of functions including billing, POS management, balance checkout, as well as detailed financial analysis and control of your funds.


Our devices are secure, safe and ready to work out of the box. Combine connections like WI-FI, 3/4G, and NFC to keep POS online.

Total number of crypto transactions

The number of user transactions and crypto adoption in the world is growing rapidly. We want to build a reliable infrastructure for cryptocurrency users to move into a new era of crypto payments.



The era of crypto payments is coming!

Accept cryptocurrencies and fiat payments quickly and easily with Whitepay POS. It doesn't need to be configured — you can get started right away.

POS Device
POS Device main
POS Device balance
POS Device history
POS Device receipt
POS Device cashless

Detailed reporting

Your customers can pay with cryptocurrencies, but all financial reports and invoices are kept in the national currency.

Work with Any QR code

You only need a QR code-supported crypto wallet for fast and comfortable work. A one-time QR code is generated during each transaction to securely transfer cryptocurrency.

Start Accepting Cryptocurrency

WhitePOS is comply with PCI DSS standard.

Secure transactions with KYC/AML regulations specs.

Step 1
Contact us at to learn more about the product.
Step 2
We'll write back to you as soon as we consider the application, answer all your questions and find the best solution.
Step 3
That's all! After following these simple steps, you can start your business right now.

Supported currencies

Withdraw funds in a currency of your choice! Now Whitepay platform supports such crypto as Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and five fiat currencies. All transactions are backed in USDT, and all rates are updated automatically.

Unlock the power of crypto payments

We can help you to accept cryptocurrency payments easily and quickly.

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