Bloodycase accepts cryptocurrency with the solution by Whitepay! It is one of the best CS:GO marketplaces with many exclusive offers and collections. Bloodycase is the perfect place for the fans of the game. The platform provides a wide range of CS:GO weapons, game cases, and skins to any taste. The main advantages of Bloodycase are loyal prices for the full range of services and a wide selection of items. Now, users can purchase skins, cases, stickers, and other stuff with cryptocurrency.

Users can pay for the items in more than 140 digital assets thanks to the solution by Whitepay. They can choose USDT, BTC, ETH, or other lesser-known currencies. Users need to select this payment option during the checkout and then pick a cryptocurrency they want to use and its network. The amount to pay in crypto will be calculated automatically. Also, there are no network fees for transactions made through WhiteBIT accounts.

Buy your favorite CS:GO skins with Bloodycase and the solution by Whitepay!

Other clients

DaddySkins is a case opening site. We were the first to introduce the Provably Fair system. is a partner site for crypto users. One account can be used for both platforms!


DROP.SKIN transform your cheap skins into worthy and expensive ones! Cool CS:GO SKINS inventory has never been so affordable!

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