Front-U accepts cryptocurrency with Whitepay! It is a charitable foundation that provides the technological advantage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They raise money for drones, walkie-talkies, satellite phones, thermal imagers, tablets with GPS software, and many other things requested by the specific military units. The foundation is focused only on those areas that allow our army to gain a technological advantage. To make sure that everything is transparent, Front-U provides constant reports on their website and on social media.

Thanks to the foundation’s cooperation with Whitepay, they can now accept donations in more than 140 digital assets from all around the world. Those people who want to support their initiative, can click the Crypto donate button on the main page of their website, and they will be redirected to the Whitepay payment page. It is simple and user-friendly: you only need to select the preferred wallet, digital asset, and its network. The whole process usually takes less than a few minutes.

Make a crypto donation to Ukraine with Front-U and Whitepay!


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