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Helping to Leave has started to accept cryptocurrency with the solution by Whitepay! The organization helps people evacuate from areas of military conflict. Their mission is to keep Ukrainians safe and meet their immediate needs. The organization’s team supports people (including those who are forcibly deported to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and Russia) through every step of the evacuation process. Helping to Leave covers the expenses, answers questions, and connects people with counselors.

The organization has started to accept crypto donations in more than 140 digital assets thanks to cooperation with Whitepay. Donors are able to select the crypto and its network, enter the amount, and donate it within minutes. To contribute digital assets to Helping to Leave, go to the organization’s website, scroll down, and click “Donate” next to the Crypto section.

Support the people in need with your crypto donations. Choose Helping to Leave and Whitepay!


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