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KIDS OF UKRAINE accepts cryptocurrency with the solution by Whitepay! It is a UK and US non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and their families in overcoming war trauma, adjusting to new circumstances, and uncovering their inherent strengths. KIDS OF UKRAINE aims to preserve and increase the uniqueness and potential of each child. They also help build up inner strengths, which allows these children to adapt to difficult conditions of war and transformations of our society or to integrate into a new place abroad.

Thanks to its cooperation with Whitepay, the organization is able to accept donations in more than 140 digital assets. Those who want to help can simply click the Donate button in the top right corner. Here, they can choose the Whitepay option and proceed to donation. You can select your preferred digital wallet, cryptocurrency, and its network. The donation sum is determined by the donor and automatically converted into the selected digital asset.

Charity crypto donations are made easy with the solution by Whitepay!