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KULIBIN studio

KULIBIN studio accepts cryptocurrency with the solution by Whitepay! Kulibin is the stage name of a professional actor, Viktor Stolyarenko. The narrative is conducted on the artist’s behalf. However, it is a creative metaphor, and no artist exists. The studio's mission is to draw attention to the problem of social networks' influence on modern people's lives. KULIBIN studio explores the topic of social transformation in a modern technological world, where a human’s attention got the status of a commodity.

By partnering with Whitepay, the studio can accept funds in more than 140 digital assets ranging from well-known USDT, ETH, and BTC to smaller cryptocurrencies. The process of sending someone funds using the solution by Whitepay is very simple: with its user-friendly design, you can understand what to do without spending too much time.

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