Planning to buy furniture with crypto? Do it quickly and easily with MebelOK and Whitepay! The MebelOK furniture store is an established and modern shop with a wide range of products, including home decorations. It was founded in June 2011. The company’s website offers more than 100,000 goods. Their large physical stores allow clients to view many items in real life and make an informed decision before buying.

Now, MebelOK accepts cryptocurrency with the solution by Whitepay! Clients can pay for furniture and decor in one of the 140+ digital assets. After choosing this payment method, customers can pick the wallet and the currency they want to use. The purchase amount is displayed in UAH on the left and in the selected digital asset on the right. The fee may differ depending on the network.

Choose the best and the most convenient way to buy furniture and home decor. Shop in MebelOK and pay in digital assets with the solution by Whitepay!

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The ideal assistant in buying home furniture in Kyiv or another city in Ukraine. In the online store you will find all the components to create a cozy home.

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