Next Block Expo – one of Europe's most significant industry events – brings founders, investors, and blockchain experts together to redefine and discover the future of Web3. We’re delighted to announce that you can now buy tickets for upcoming events using over 140 cryptocurrencies with the solution provided by Whitepay.

As NBX accepts cryptocurrency, we're excited to offer attendees a seamless and versatile payment experience. Backed by industry leaders, Whitepay offers a universal solution tailored perfectly for event and ticketing businesses. Next Block Expo visitors can enjoy swift crypto transactions in three simple steps:

  1. Opt for the solution by Whitepay during the checkout.
  2. Choose your preferred cryptocurrency.
  3. Complete the transaction by scanning a QR code.

Moreover, if you conduct a transaction from a WhiteBIT account, you won't incur network fees.

Join us at the next NBX. Ensure your spot by buying tickets with crypto using the solution by Whitepay!


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