As pioneer in modern tech, SKAY now accepts cryptocurrency with the solution provided by Whitepay.  For almost two decades, starting in 2004, SKAY has been offering a wide range of gadgets, including Apple products, cell phones, tablets, accessories, laptops, game consoles, and more.

You can easily purchase items at SKAY using any of over 140 cryptocurrencies for payment. The solution by Whitepay ensures seamless transaction processes that take no more than five minutes. Moreover, if you conduct a transaction from a WhiteBIT account, you won't incur network fees.

To pay with crypto at SKAY follow three simple steps:

  1. Select the solution by Whitepay during the checkout.
  2. Pick your preferred cryptocurrency.
  3. Scan the QR code, confirm, and complete the transaction.

With the solution by Whitepay, there's no longer a need to withdraw cryptocurrency to make purchases. Visit the SKAY website and see for yourself!


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