Tabletochki accepts cryptocurrency with the solution by Whitepay! It is the biggest Ukrainian nonprofit organization that helps children with cancer at every stage of the disease, founded in 2011. The team of 40 professionals works to ensure that every family is fully supported throughout their child’s journey to recovery and that cancer treatment in Ukraine adheres to international standards of care. Tabletochki actively promotes the professional development of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff in pediatric oncology.

Thanks to the cooperation with Whitepay, the foundation can accept donations in more than 140 digital currencies. Donors can choose the cryptocurrency and its network. Also, there are no network fees for transactions made through WhiteBIT accounts. To send crypto to the foundation, simply go to its website and click “Donate” in the top right corner. You will be redirected to the corresponding page, where you can choose the “Pay with cryptocurrency” option. Click “Help now” and fill out the necessary info.

Donate crypto to charity with Tabletochki!