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Varlom PC, an online store specializing in computer hardware, now accepts cryptocurrency.

Varlom PC allows customers not only to purchase PC parts, but also to assemble their ideal computer setup. It's a perfect solution for gamers and anyone requiring high-performance hardware.

The store's website boasts a diverse array of PC components, computers, laptops, gaming accessories, pre-built servers, and more. Thanks to a partnership with Whitepay, you can conveniently buy electronics with crypto.

To make a purchase using digital assets, select the ‘Pay with cryptocurrency’ option during the checkout process on the website. Then, within your Varlom PC personal account, under the ‘Order history’ tab, click on ‘View’ to access the payment link provided in the order comments. With Whitepay, customers can choose from over 140 digital assets. Notably, transactions made through WhiteBIT accounts don’t incur network fees.

Visit the Varlom PC website, pick the equipment you desire, and use your preferred digital assets for payment with the solution by Whitepay.

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