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Villa Le Premier

Villa Le Premier Hotel accepts cryptocurrency with the solution by Whitepay!

Nestled on the Black Sea coast of Odesa, Ukraine, the Villa Le Premier Hotel offers a luxurious escape, blending exquisite Mediterranean architecture with modern amenities. The hotel provides a wide range of services that exceed international standards. Its prime location near the beach and the popular IBIZA club guarantees an unforgettable vacation or business trip.

Thanks to its partnership with Whitepay, the Villa Le Premier Hotel allows you to book a room using over 140 cryptocurrencies. Simply inform an administrator about your preference for digital assets at check-in. A concierge will assist you with the Whitepay crypto POS terminal, where you can choose your preferred currency and network. Completing the transaction is effortless – just scan a QR code and finalize it. Additionally, transactions processed through the WhiteBIT account incur no network fees.

Book your perfect crypto-friendly stay at the Villa Le Premier Hotel!