Volonterska is a volunteer organization that accepts cryptocurrency with the solution by Whitepay.

Volonterska’s team specializes in evacuating individuals, executing targeted deliveries of essential medicines and food, and providing crucial medical assistance to those in need. With the support of donations, volunteers can sustain their critical operations. Together, they strive to protect and support the Kharkiv region and its residents. Every contribution plays a pivotal role in the Volonterska mission, allowing the organization to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those facing hardships.

If you're wondering how to donate crypto to charity, head over to the Volonterska website. Through their collaboration with Whitepay, the organization now accepts donations in more than 140 digital currencies. Simply opt for the 'Whitepay' feature, pick your preferred wallet, and select the digital asset and its network. The whole process is easy, typically taking just a few minutes. Notably, transactions made via the WhiteBIT account incur no network fees, ensuring a smooth donation experience.

Joining hands with Volonterska means offering aid, solidarity, and a brighter future for those who require assistance the most.


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