Authorizing Your Whitepay Account Through WhiteBIT

WhitepayPosted 17.04.2024
WhitepayNewsAuthorizing Your Whitepay Account Through WhiteBIT
Authorizing Your Whitepay Account Through WhiteBIT

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of logging in your Whitepay account via WhiteBIT.

Whitepay is a part of the leading European cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT’s ecosystem. We're excited to announce that verified WhiteBIT users can now leverage crypto acquiring and accept payments in over 200 digital assets.

This article details the login process and Whitepay functionalities available after account registration.

Accessing Whitepay with your WhiteBIT Account

To use Whitepay with your WhiteBIT account, you need to be registered on the exchange and have a completed KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. 

If you haven't created a WhiteBIT account yet or need help with completing KYC verification, please refer to the following resources:

Once you've verified your account on WhiteBIT:

  1. Head over to the Whitepay website and go to the #Registration section.

OAuth 2 EN.png

2. Click the Sign up via WhiteBIT button.

3. Confirm the authorization request within your WhiteBIT account.

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4. We'll review your request within 24 business hours. Once approved, you'll have access to your own Whitepay account.

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Whitepay Features Available After Successful Authorization

All users who sign up using their WhiteBIT account will have access to the following platform functionalities:

  • Unlimited invoice creation. 

Generate unlimited invoices with a maximum value equivalent to EUR 1,000 each. The total amount invoiced per month cannot exceed the equivalent of EUR 40,000.

  • Crypto jar. 

Collect crypto donations from your followers, host charity fundraisers, and add widgets with a jar link to your videos on streaming platforms.

  • Dashboard. 

View all transactions with convenient filter options (by date, type, currency, payment method, and status).

  • Transaction and invoice history. 

Access a complete history of your invoices, transactions, and reports.

  • Cryptocurrency withdrawals. 

Withdraw funds in cryptocurrency directly to your digital wallet.

Please note! To connect to Whitepay via our API and remove limitations, you must complete the KYB procedure.

Simple KYB Verification for Seamless Crypto Integration

KYB (Know Your Business) verification ensures that Whitepay complies with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) regulations. This step protects Whitepay and prevents partnerships with shell companies.

The required documents for KYB verification might change depending on updates to regulations or Whitepay's internal policies. 

To complete your KYB verification and unlock the full potential of crypto payments, you can contact us through your preferred messaging app via this link or by email at

Start accepting crypto payments today with Whitepay!