Create a crypto jar and raise funds for good deeds

WhitepayPosted 01.08.2023 • 10 mins read
WhitepayNewsCreate a crypto jar and raise funds for good deeds
Create a crypto jar and raise funds for good deeds

How does cryptocurrency help Ukrainians during the war? Many charitable foundations already accept donations in digital currency to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and affected citizens because it is fast, convenient, and safe. Whitepay has created another useful product for collecting donations - a crypto jar. 

From the very beginning of the full-scale war, we organized cryptocurrency fundraising to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the affected citizens. We also cooperate with the United24 fundraising platform. Many charitable organizations have integrated our cryptocurrency fundraising solution. Accepting donations in digital currency opens up additional ways to raise more money and provides more opportunities for charities. 

Recently, we have created a new tool for collecting donations, namely the Whitepay crypto jar. This allows Whitepay customers to create a crypto jar, set a final amount and raise donations in cryptocurrency. More than 200 currencies are currently available.

How to create a crypto jar

Crypto Jar 1 en.pngCurrently, crypto jars can be created by our clients through the Whitepay CRM system. In the CRM system, you need to go to the "Crypto jar" page and click the "Create" button.

Next, you will see a page where you can specify the basic settings of the crypto jar. Here's what you can set up:

  • Currency of the fee
  • Goal - the final amount of the fee 
  • The name of your cryptocurrency wallet 
  • Add a description to the crypto jar 
  • Upload a logo

In addition, you can write the description not only in Ukrainian, as we have a multilingual description available. You enter all the data for the cryptocurrency jar, click the "Save" button, and your cryptocurrency jar is ready! After that, you will receive a link to the crypto jar.

How a cryptocurrency jar works 

Crypto Jar 2 en.png

After you create a cryptocurrency jar, you can copy the link to it and add this link to your social media. To make a donation to a crypto jar, you need to:

  1. Follow the link on the crypto jar.
  2. Choose the currency for donation (over 200 currencies).
  3. Choose a donation method - via any wallet or WhiteBIT app. The transaction is much faster via the WhiteBIT app, and there is no need to pay a network fee. All payment data is immediately transferred to the app. It’s fast, easy and secure, as there is no possibility of entering incorrect data.
  4. Make a transaction. Done! Donation received. 

The user who wants to make a donation sees the final amount of the fee and the amount collected so far. The user also sees the name and description of your crypto wallet. 

Crypto donations and digital currency payments with Whitepay

International companies have long since started accepting digital assets for payment, and charitable foundations are collecting donations in cryptocurrency. Thus, more and more companies are choosing Whitepay, giving holders of digital currencies the opportunity to use them for purchases in offline stores and online, as well as to make donations.

Make a difference today! Create your first Crypto jar and seamlessly embrace crypto donation.
Try Whitepay

So, crypto payments offer a lot of advantages, including a high level of security, speed, the ability to pay or donate from anywhere in the world, and the absence of fees. If you want to be among them, follow the link and integrate cryptocurrency payments into your business! 

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