How to pay for purchases via Whitepay?

WhitepayPosted 19.07.2023 • 10 mins read
WhitepayNewsHow to pay for purchases via Whitepay?
How to pay for purchases via Whitepay?

In this article, you will find a list of stores that accept digital assets and a detailed description of the payment process using Whitepay.

International companies have been accepting digital assets for payment for a long time. However, Ukrainian businesses aren’t standing aside either. Today, more and more merchants are choosing Whitepay, giving to owners of virtual currencies the opportunity to use them for purchases in offline/online stores and to make donations.

So, let's find out how to pay with digital assets and where to do it in Ukraine.

Pay due the Whitepay solution

Whitepay is a payment solution that allows you to exchange digital assets for goods and services. As well as accepting donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and more than 200 other assets.

Our products include:

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Whitepay allows you to use any e-wallet for payment. And the WhiteBIT app, which offers additional benefits:

  • No transfer fees, regardless of the chosen asset.
  • No need to wait for blockchain confirmation - the transfer is made instantly.
  • Simplified payment process because there is no need to choose a network.

How to pay with digital assets via Whitepay?

As we mentioned above, you can pay with digital assets via Whitepay on the website and in the offline store from any e-wallet or through the WhiteBIT app. Let us consider both methods.

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To pay for the goods on the website:

  • On the checkout page, select payment via Whitepay.
  • Choose "WhiteBIT" or "From any other wallet".
  • To pay through the WhiteBIT app, select the desired asset, scan the QR code with the app's code scanner, and confirm the payment.
  • If you are paying with another wallet, select the asset and the network in which the payment will be made.
  • Open the e-wallet and scan the QR code with the code scanner or copy the address manually and confirm the payment.

The payment process in an offline store looks almost identical. However, all actions are performed on the screen of the Whitepay POS terminal.

How to pay for purchases via Whitepay_ 4.pngPlease note that the amount to be paid is calculated according to the exchange rate on the WhiteBIT exchange and is fixed for 2 minutes. Whitepay supports all major networks for making transactions, but keep in mind that each of them charges a certain fee. That is why it is better to use the WhiteBIT app to make fast and free transfers.

Where can you pay with digital assets in Ukraine?

We have created a convenient page on our website where you can find a list of Whitepay clients. Today, more than 50 companies and charities accept digital assets. And this list is constantly growing.

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Try Whitepay

If you see that one of the clients listed does not accept payments via Whitepay, please contact our support team on Telegram or at

To sum up: the benefits of paying with Whitepay

We are constantly expanding the network of merchants that accept digital assets, providing the following benefits:

  • the ability to use any wallet;
  • no fees and instant transfer when paying through the WhiteBIT app;
  • a large selection of assets (200+);
  • no need to pay interest for the withdrawal of the national currency.

Feel free to join the new era of payments!


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