Express payments via Whitepay and WhiteBIT. How does it work?

WhitepayPosted 12.12.2022 • 3 mins read
WhitepayNewsExpress payments via Whitepay and WhiteBIT. How does it work?
Express payments via Whitepay and WhiteBIT. How does it work?

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows exponentially, business owners are interested in integrating the new payment method and accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for their goods and services. However, there is one important condition - it must be fast, convenient and secure. 

How to accept cryptocurrency payments?

Whitepay, which is part of the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem, has created convenient and secure payment tools for accepting cryptocurrency payments for both online and offline businesses. 

Thanks to cryptocurrency acquiring from Whitepay, online stores can accept cryptocurrency payments on their website. The platform provides fast acceptance and processing of digital currency payments. Currently, more than 200 currencies are supported. Merchants (sellers) can customize the payment page, view the status of transactions and accounts in real time and much more.

For offline payments, a POS terminal is used. It allows merchants to calculate the amount that the customer has to pay and issue an invoice. So, customers pay for goods or services in an offline store, and the PoS terminal processes and records transactions.

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Accept crypto payments

These payment solutions are already actively used by Ukrainian companies such as Stylus, Cactus, eStore and Leo Beauty Club and accept payments in crypto. 

Whitepay is not resting on its laurels and is constantly working to improve its products and make them even more convenient for its customers. Fast payments via WhiteBIT app is another cool update from Whitepay that will definitely impress cryptocurrency users. So, how does it work?

Express payments via WhiteBIT application

Let's take an example. Suppose a customer wants to pay for a product or service in crypto and chooses a payment method through Whitepay. Then he sees a window where the order amount and two payment methods are indicated - through WhiteBIT app or another cryptocurrency wallet. The customer chooses payment through WhiteBIT application. 

1.pngThen he chooses the currency in which he wants to pay and immediately sees the current rate and the amount in the selected currency.

The client presses the "Pay" button and receives a QR code. Then he has to go to the WhiteBIT application and select "Scan code" on the main screen.

2.pngAccordingly, he scans the code and confirms the payment in the WhiteBIT application. As you can see, everything is very easy!

3.pngWhat are the advantages of payments via WhiteBIT app?

Firstly, it is much faster because during scanning the code, all the information is pulled into the application and you just need to confirm the payment. 

Secondly, the probability of making a mistake when entering the cryptocurrency wallet address or choosing a network is reduced to zero. All the necessary data is pulled up during scanning the code. 

Thirdly, the speed of the transaction increases significantly since the whole process takes place within the exchange. And the most pleasant thing is the absence of network commission, which saves the client money.

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