Let's sum up the results for 2022 πŸŽ„

WhitepayPosted 30.12.2022 β€’ 5 mins read
WhitepayNewsLet's sum up the results for 2022 πŸŽ„
Let's sum up the results for 2022 πŸŽ„

This year was challenging, emotional, and rich in various events. Despite all the difficulties, we coped, became even more united, and achieved excellent results.

We decided to list our achievements for 2022 and evaluate the results. So, let's get started:

  • The number of users increased by 1800%.
  • 26 releases for the year
  • Launched WhiteBIT Pay - instant cryptocurrency payments through the WhiteBIT app
  • Partnership with the United24 platform and helped to collect cryptocurrency donations for Ukraine
  • Redesigned CRM
  • + 6 countries where Whitepay works
  • +3 fiat currencies on our platform, namely EUR, USD, KZT
  • Updated the website. It has become even more beautiful and convenient - quickly check it out!
  • Many new features: cryptocurrency acquiring, donation acceptance, WhiteBIT Pay instant payments, and payment acceptance mode
  • The number of transactions has increased by 8321%

That's it! We are ready to break into 2023, set new goals, achieve them, and work even more challenging for the benefit of our customers and Ukraine. 

Whitepay Team πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

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