Whitepay: The Best Innovative Crypto Payment Platform | NBX 2023

WhitepayPosted 16.06.2023 • 10 mins read
Whitepay: The Best Innovative Crypto Payment Platform | NBX 2023

The partnership with Next Block Expo Warsaw Summit 2023, the award, and the future of crypto payments.

We understand how challenging it is to choose a crypto-processing service. Everyone can call themselves the best, but only a few can back it up. Awards like 'The Best Innovative Crypto Payment Platform' won by Whitepay at the Next Block Expo Warsaw Summit serve as a significant benchmark. Moreover, this is not our first award.

This year, Whitepay became an official partner of NBX, one of the biggest Web3 events in Europe. Visitors had the opportunity to listen to speeches of leading experts in the blockchain industry and explore the latest developments. Crypto owners could also purchase tickets for digital assets through our payment gateway. 

At the Next Block Expo Warsaw Summit, Whitepay CEO Glib Udovychenko, an invited expert, delivered a detailed presentation on the advantages and software provided by crypto acquiring. Visitors also had the opportunity to listen to a speech by Eric Heinemann, the Head of Web3 for the Central European business at Chainalysis. It is worth noting that Whitepay became the first crypto payment processor whose transactions are verified by this leading blockchain analysis company.

Now, onto the most important aspect. As we said above, Whitepay won the nomination for 'The Best Innovative Crypto Payment Platform,' which we are really proud of. NBX experts praised the service for its innovative solutions, convenience, and efficiency. Our team continuously enhances the product, pushing the boundaries to offer our customers expanded possibilities for accepting digital payments. Therefore, the award from Next Block Expo serves as another crucial validation that we are moving in the right direction.

One of the summit attendees, Nick B., expressed his appreciation for Whitepay, stating: 'I had the pleasure of visiting the Whitepay stand at the Next Block Expo, and I must say, their crypto payment solutions, point of sale hardware, crypto payment gateway, and payment and acquiring services are truly remarkable!'

We always appreciate receiving positive feedback about our service, and we are open to suggestions and comments. Constant improvement of the platform is significant to the Whitepay team. That's why we have created a demo account, allowing our customers to try the service before deciding to integrate it.

We are constructing an ecosystem that empowers crypto owners to utilize digital assets not only for earning and accumulating but also for effortlessly making online and offline payments. Simultaneously, Whitepay eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly conversions to fiat currency while avoiding the limitations imposed by the traditional banking system. At the same time, we are working on making cryptocurrency payments as convenient as paying with a bank card. So let's move forward and see you at the new Web3-meetings!

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