Crypto and invest with WhiteList Zone and Whitepay

WhitepayPosted 05.09.2023 • 5 mins read
Crypto and invest with WhiteList Zone and Whitepay

Investors are here? We have great news for them: Whitepay has now partnered with WhiteList Zone, a whitelist marketplace.

WhiteList Zone is the first whitelist marketplace. Here, cryptocurrency investors can quickly and securely acquire access to unique investment opportunities. Users can directly invest in projects and startups without the risk of facing a rugpull or scam.

WhiteList Zone provides proven and fully transparent investment solutions, while Whitepay makes it easy, fast, and secure to accept and pay with digital currencies. There are currently over 140 types available.

To learn even more about our clients and partners, please follow the link. In addition, we have a demo version that allows you to get acquainted with all the Whitepay tools.

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