Daily crypto payments: Whitepay POS for accepting cryptocurrency anywhere

WhitepayPosted 02.05.2022 • 3 mins read
Daily crypto payments: Whitepay POS for accepting cryptocurrency anywhere

There is no denying that cryptocurrency payments have a notable impact on the world today. Crypto changed businesses' customer behavior and forced many companies to switch to a new and more secure payment method. Many institutions and people placed their money reserves in crypto during the corona pandemic and unstable economic situations.

About a year ago, Whitepay founded and based in Ukraine created an innovative payment crypto solution with an excellent ecosystem for different types of business. We are a payment processing company that accepts cryptocurrency and fiat payments and converts them.

Also users can set up automatic conversion or do it by themselves. In general the Whitepay team created such flexible software that allows you to sell, buy, accept, and exchange cryptocurrency to fiat currency and back anywhere in the world quickly.

Benefits of accepting crypto payments for your business

Thanks to crypto, many companies worldwide have achieved a new level of efficiency. Pay with crypto is becoming much easier than it looks due to our POS and software. There are another some critical advantages of joining Whitepay:

  1. No borders and restrictions
  2. Lower fees
  3. Company’s reputation
  4. No chargebacks and mediators
  5. New markets and clients
  6. No risk and high security guaranteed

More about Whitepay POS

To begin with, let's talk more about our POS device. It's simple in use, and here are the key characteristics:

High autonomy - our terminal works offline throughout the working day and even more;

Printer - check printing and its detailed settings;

WiFi - our terminals support WiFi connections; 

Touch screen - convenient and intuitive operation. Our terminal is ready to work right out of the box, and you don't need to spend time setting it up;

Visa/Mastercard - ast contactless payments due to the NFC function;

3G/4G support - in addition to Wi-Fi, our terminals also support 3G and 4G connection. 

At the end of 2021, Whitepay introduced several updates that significantly expanded the functionality of the POS. We’ve realized new check settings, including detailed receipt information.

Thus, on the confirmation transaction check, you can see such data as exchange rate, operation type, selected network, fee, and the amount and the start and end time of the transaction.

Most importantly, you will have a printed QR code to scan and get this critical info. In the Settings tab, you can configure the necessary functions and display additional information on receipts.

Also we’ve presented a new tool for imposing commissions on all available currency pairs. Our devices easily accept and exchange cryptocurrency, fiat payments thanks to the NFC module and present detailed balance analysis and transaction history.

Users can generate financial reports directly from the POS. Moreover, our terminals "refreshed" their design, so our customers can already use modern branded terminals.

Also, the platform has a new function to add and remove a ready-made set of fields. This set includes data concerning the point of exchange of currencies or the purchase of goods, legal data about the merchant, and other details of the transactions. Thus, the Master will customize the check according to his preferences and indicate the necessary data. 

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