How to Accept Crypto Payments on Website

WhitepayPosted 03.08.2022 • 3 mins read
WhitepayNewsHow to Accept Crypto Payments on Website
How to Accept Crypto Payments on Website

How to Accept Bitcoin and Other Crypto Payments on Website | Whitepay

The number of crypto users is increasing every year. There is also growing user awareness that accepting cryptocurrency payments has more profits and benefits than fiat payments. Many businesses look aside at crypto and want to accept Bitcoin or any other crypto for their goods and services.

Deciding to accept Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency as payment will pay you dividends in the near future. However, setting up such payments on your website can be challenging if you didn’t do it before. Whitepay Is ready to help you – we’ve launched crypto acquiring for easy and fast integration of cryptocurrency payments on your website.

What are cryptocurrency payments?


A cryptocurrency payment is a form of electronic payment that is made using cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrency payments, funds are transferred without the intermediation of traditional financial institutions such as banks. Instead, transactions are processed using a decentralised technology known as the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency payments can be used for a variety of purposes, including purchasing goods and services from online stores, transferring funds between users, making contributions to blockchain platforms, or participating in cryptocurrency trading. Crypto payments work using blockchain technology, which is the basis of many cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. We talked about how to pay for purchases with Whitepay in this article.

How to accept crypto payments?


Accepting crypto payments is easy if you use Whitepay merchant-friendly crypto acquiring platform. Recently Whitepay launched crypto processing and created a new page for crypto acquiring with a convenient interface and all order details.

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You will readily accept btc payments on your website and make cryptocurrency invoices by API or button. Also, we created external public API documentation with detailed descriptions, which will help you integrate more quickly and clearly.

What cryptocurrencies can be accepted on the website


Currently, you can accept more than 200 cryptocurrencies with Whitepay products, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether. By the way, this list is constantly expanding, so soon we will be able to offer our customers other currencies. If we consider the cost of such payments, namely the commission, it is 1% for cryptocurrency payments.

Crypto payment solutions for different CMS


Integration of crypto payments into a website is an additional opportunity to scale your business and, accordingly, increase profits. In order to successfully accept cryptocurrency payments on your website, you need to choose and connect a plugin for the CMS. Depending on the chosen CMS, there are several popular crypto payment solutions that can be used. For example, OpenCart and WordPress. Integration with crypto payment solutions can provide your website with a convenient option to accept cryptocurrency payments, providing more flexibility for your business and customers.

Cryptocurrency acceptance plugin for WordPress website

Whitepay for WooCommerce is a cryptocurrency payment processing solution that can be used by online stores with the WooCommerce plugin installed.

How to accept cryptocurrency payments with Opencart

After successfully installing and configuring the Whitepay payment module in Opencart, your customers can pay for orders using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. You can find more useful and relevant information about cryptocurrency acquiring and its capabilities here.

What are the benefits of receiving cryptocurrency payment?

There are 300 million crypto users worldwide, and 18,000 companies are already accepting cryptocurrency payments. Let’s take a closer look at crypto payments advantages:

  • More flexible and fast payment method
  • Entering international markets and audience  
  • Secure transactions
  • No hidden fees
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Low commissions  
  • Transparent and safe
  • International recognition and no conversion risk

Receiving crypto opens new doors for your business and rapid development. Also, it’s known that the more payment methods you propose to clients, the more pay you’ll receive. 

How promising are crypto payments on website?


The development of cryptocurrency payments can lead to significant positive changes in the global financial system. Here are some of the main prospects for the development of crypto payments:

  1. 1. Mass adoption: digital assets are actively gaining popularity, becoming more widespread and acceptable means of payment. The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies will allow digital currencies to be used for everyday transactions, such as paying for goods and services. This is what will make cryptocurrency payments more commonplace for society.
  2. 2. Integration into financial instruments: Cryptocurrencies will be integrated into existing financial instruments, such as bank cards and payment systems. This will allow users to easily use cryptocurrencies for purchases and payments without the need for direct conversion to national currencies.
  3. 3. Technology development: Digital asset technologies are constantly improving, which will lead to increased performance, scalability and security of networks. This will make cryptocurrency payments even more attractive to a wider audience.
  4. 4. Reduction of fees: With the mass adoption of crypto, we can expect a reduction in fees for cryptocurrency transactions. This will further increase the attractiveness of cryptocurrency payments from an economic point of view.
  5. 5. Digital national currencies: as you know, some countries are considering the possibility of issuing digital national currencies based on blockchain and cryptography.
  6. 6. Developing countries: in such countries, crypto payments can be very useful, especially for those who do not have access to traditional banking services.

The Bottom line

As you can see, accepting crypto payments is easy and profitable. Business owners will benefit from a variety of advantages after integrating cryptocurrency payments, such as a wider audience, low fees, high transaction speeds, and security of funds and data. In addition, customers also get the right to choose and can easily and quickly pay for their purchases with cryptocurrency through any wallet.

We are proud to create such convenient, useful and important products for any business. Whether you sell tech devices or own a coffee shop, you can accept cryptocurrency payments in a few clicks.

To get more information about our platform and find out the terms and conditions, please contact our support team. Read all the details, become a Whitepay partner and connect cryptocurrency acquiring on your website today! 

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