Plan your holiday with Ribas and Whitepay

WhitepayPosted 18.07.2023 • 4 mins read
WhitepayNewsPlan your holiday with Ribas and Whitepay
Plan your holiday with Ribas and Whitepay

The holiday season is in full swing, so you need to make your mind up as soon as possible. If you don't know where to stay during your trip, we have a great offer for you! At Ribas hotels, you can not only have a comfortable stay, but also pay for your reservation with cryptocurrency using Whitepay.

How to pay with cryptocurrency at Ribas Hotels?

Ribas Hotels Group is the first hotel chain in Ukraine to accept digital currency via Whitepay. The hotels installed our POS-terminals for cryptocurrency payments. Currently, more than 200 cryptocurrencies are available for payment. This method won't take you long to get used to. It’s very easy and convenient:

  • The hotel employee enters the amount to be paid.
  • The customer chooses one of the currencies for payment and the network, if necessary.
  • Then the customer scans the QR code and receives the payment details. 
  • The customer makes the payment. That’s all!

By the way, you can pay from any wallet or through the WhiteBIT app without a network fee. 

Experience unforgettable luxury with Ribas Hotels Group. Book a room using cryptocurrency
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Ribas Hotels Group is the perfect option for your holiday

Ribas hotels operate in Odesa, Bukovel, Lutsk, Bila Tserkva, and Mukachevo. The hotel service is thought out to the smallest detail - from the attentiveness of the team, convenient location and just a great atmosphere. The experienced team will ensure a comfortable and cozy stay, and Whitepay will provide you with the opportunity to pay for your stay with cryptocurrency. Go to the Ribas Hotels website, choose a hotel and pay with cryptocurrency. We wish you a great holiday!

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